bart ontwerpstudio and trees for all

Bart Ontwerpstudio joins hands with Trees For All. When we started our business back in 2013, we were already considering the possibility to plant a tree for every piece of furniture that we made, to make sure we wouldn’t just make your place more beautiful, but also this world we live in.

trees4all-logos-horizontalWe are proud to announce that from now on, for every product you order and buy from us, Trees For All will plant 1, 3 or 5 trees, and we will fully cover the cost. We’ll do that also in behalf of you and you will receive a certificate of the planting as well with your product.


trees for all

Trees For All is a CBF-certified charity organization established in 1999. It’s the most experienced CO2-compensator in the treesforall-3Netherlands. They’ve planted millions of trees and shrubs in behalf of several parties, the donations of which ensures that Trees For All can plant new afforestation and protect existing forests at home and abroad. By planting and maintaining these forests, we work together to restore nature and the environment.

In the Netherlands, Trees For All works with a professional work organization, an independent direction board and volunteers. In addition, there are many people actively involved in the projects of Trees For All both in The Netherlands and abroad.

planting trees

Trees provide protection, purify the air, produce oxygen, fruit, timber, they provide shelter and protection and fight dehydration and erosion of the earth. A tree, if planted to last long, provides more than it uses. By planting forests, Trees For All contributes to a sustainable future.

Trees For All believes in the part trees play in the balance of nature. Forests are the only natural source that can store CO2 appropriately. In addition, forests are an important source of biodiversity, recreation and food supply. Planting a tree makes everyone happy and it can literally be done anywhere and anytime.

Bart Ontwerpstudio chooses to plant trees through Trees For All, so we can be sure the forest where the tree is planted will be maintained at least 30 years. In the tropics, Trees For All also generates additional income for the local people by planting trees.


trees and the climate

After the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, the climate change issues are stuck on our minds. It is time for a change. The earth’s temperature rises with all its consequences: lack of water, rain and storm nuisance and a rising sea level. Planting trees buys us time. Choosing a forest in the tropics doubles this effect, because in trees grow twice as fast there as they do in the Netherlands. In addition, the projects of Trees For All in the tropics have an added social, ecological and economic value.